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Monthly production meeting

1174|chancee 2020-07-16

In order to create a healthy and comfortable office and processing environment, and standardize workshop management. At the beginning of each month, the workshop supervisor shall preside over the meeting and conduct the workshop 8s on-site training meeting for the workshop personnel. The supervisor invited the company's management: Production Planning Manager, inspector and administrative personnel to attend the regular meeting. At the meeting, the on-site problems existing in the previous month were elaborated, and the problems to be improved and the points needing attention in this month were proposed. The meeting emphasized safety production, standardized operation of machines, timely reporting quality problems found in the first-line processing to the workshop supervisor for discussion and training. As we all know, training is the foundation of team construction. We need to cultivate and give play to the atmosphere of lifelong learning of team members, constantly charge, absorb minds, innovate ideas, and improve the comprehensive quality of team members.

To do a good job in team building and basic management is related to the stability of the staff team and the completion of various tasks, safety production, customer satisfaction, and the development and future of the company. Strengthening team building is the need of enterprise management modernization, an important content of enterprise culture and an important symbol of enterprise image.